I know that your no longer suffering or in any pain your up in heaven watching over all of us and I know you wouldn’t want us to cry because your no longer here with us but your spirit is still with us everyday you watch over us as we try to continue on with our everyday lives, some days are harder than others but we know you wanted us to stay strong and stick together through this rough time and we are doing as best as we can. We have to stay strong for your grand babies they miss you terribly but we remind them that they are what kept you young and kept you going all these years, we know you didn’t want to leave us but your body was tired your no longer in any pain your up there smiling down at us and your giving us signs that your okay. I love you so much and miss you more and more everyday. You were one of a kind you had a heart of gold, you didn’t know a stranger, you’d help anyone no matter what you did everything to help everyone. Everyone that knew you was truly blessed to know such an amazing woman. We all love you and we will make sure that we tell all the grandkids all those hilarious memories we have had with you, and how when you walked into a room you lit up everyone’s faces because you always knew what to say to make everyone laugh until they would cry, and they would laugh so hard their stomach would hurt. You will always be missed but we knew your body was exhausted And it was your time to finally be with nanny hope. We will all miss you terribly but you’ll forever be in our hearts ❤ I am going to miss hearing you holler “Come on Doo Little Lynn” 😘 I love you momma ❤

July 21, 2021