Condolences for Adam David “Ace” Williams


Mary C Scott posted on 4/16/17

Adam, may you be at peace, my hope for you is that you're in Heaven and rolling around with Bubba, who you loved so much. My best memory is you sleeping on him, after you wore each other out :) I love you, Aunt Mary


Mia Crow posted on 4/16/17

**Fare Thee Well**


Emily & Josh posted on 4/14/17

SO many crazy times with never knew what was going to happen next. Can't say we always agreed but the love of the dead helped us get past it and coexist.Rest easy much love to the all the family and Amanda "Box of Rain" Walk into splintered sunlight Inch your way through dead dreams To another land Maybe you're tired and broken Your tongue is twisted With words half spoken And thoughts unclear What do you want me to do To do for you to see you through A box of rain will ease the pain And love will see you through The Grateful Dead