Condolences for Cindy Ann Alexander


Kathy Rufer posted on 2/14/19

`You will be sadly missed by me. I met you when you were 2, always loved you. Miss Stubborn always wanted my advice,but never used it. Sending my condolences to the family. You were my sister in law and friend always.



Judy boich posted on 2/13/19

Until we meet again



Judy boich posted on 2/13/19

To my sweet Cindy



Lisa Vigoffi posted on 2/12/19

Always in my heart.We was cousins by blood but sisters by choice.I will miss you so much.


Nancy Piper Mistak posted on 2/12/19

Friend from bannock. Sorry for loss. Nancy Piper Mistak


Judy boich posted on 2/12/19

Matta my sweet niece,like my little sister


Judy bouch posted on 2/12/19

We will always miss and love you Cindy Ann you were like my little sister “MATTA “