Condolences for Kim J. Lockhart

Jacqueline Carroll posted on 10/4/18

You will always be my baby sister Tammy husband I will never forget the time you and Chuck decided to make homemade fireworks out of gun powder because the fireworks ran out and it was still early So Chuck and Kim made homemade fireworks and the whole East Liverpool saw them you be missed Kim Rest In Peace



Randy and Tracy Hartley posted on 10/3/18

In Loving Memory of Kim


Judy Davis posted on 10/3/18

So sorry for your lost. Prayers


Marie coberly posted on 10/2/18

Wether or not by blood or not you will always be my uncle Kim and thank you for all of the time you spent with me after my dad died and helped me through that you were always there for me and thank you for my gun when I was 11 it was my favorite just because it was made special for me by my dad's best friend I will miss you and so will my mom now your with my dad hunting forever


Donna Eastmond posted on 10/2/18

Thank You for being my big brother. For teaching me how to fish and hunt. To my brothers family I am so sorry for your loss REMEMBER this is only a moment in time. We all will see each other again someday. When you pass in this life you are still you! You shed the body but your spirit retains all your memories. I know this because I experienced death two years ago. Pray for mercy for one another, forgive, love, reach out towards one another. People dont remember the house you lived in nor the car you owned. They remember you in your love and kindness the time you spent with them. Perhaps someone needed a kind word spoken or just a smile. Our Heavenly Father, Yahuwah, sent Yeshua whos name means salvation to gather us back to him. He came to save. What does your life reflect? This life that we were given we will be held accountable for. Were we generous, loving, kind, greatful, pure in heart thought and deed? My prayer for you is that if you dont know Yeshua Aka Jesus. He being perfect in all ways is to soul search. If you ask you shall recieve truth his truth. LOVE. All of us in this life should be a walking talking living sacrifice unto each other. This life was and is not about US. Just know I love each of you and keep you in my prayers. I have no control in this life Yahuwah our heavenly father is in the driver seat. I trust him with my life. If you dont know Yeshua I ask you one question. If you would pass away do you know where you will go? Trust me there is life after death. Live each day as though its your last without regrets. Never miss an opportunity to help someone, perhaps your end will reflect this life u lived. LIVE SELFLESSLY. Give all you can most of all LOVE WITH YOUR WHOLE HEART MIND AND SOUL. May Yahuwah bless and watch over each of you may you find and search for the truth. All that I ask in Yeshuas name AMEN!!!



Mary Willey posted on 10/2/18

Uncle Tom and I send our condolences to your family Tammy. Thoughts and prayers are with you.


Randy and Tracy Hartley posted on 10/2/18

In Loving Memory of Kim.