Condolences for Alice M. Ebbert

Marilyn Ebbert posted on 7/30/19

Alice has been part of my life for 61 yrs. Even though we haven't lived close always in touch. I will miss her so. She always kept me up to date on all the Ebbert happenings. So Sorry not being able to attend funeral. Martha and I tried but didn't work out. Tropical disturbance in Gulf of Mexico kept us from flying. Love to all the Ebberts.


Marianne Link Betters posted on 7/27/19

It was a privilege and blessing to have visited Alice in her home, along with my mother- a couple times in the past year. Always smiling, ever optimistic. She had a special way of talking about her deceased family members in a way that showed how she kept them as treasures in her heart. She did put others before herself in all kinds of ways. Especially family. My favorite memory of her is her frequent reference to “THE RELATIVES!" Whether a first cousin, third cousin, once or twice removed — whatever - she encouraged everyone to stay close, and if she knew you traveling --- to look up meet up with any relatives in that city. May God especially comfort her siblings and all those closest to her.


Patriacia Griffith Buch posted on 7/26/19

i will always think of my cousin Alice as always being concerned about others, never herself. I never heard her complain, even when I had a nice visit with her at her house last year. Ben and Janie I am sorry I was not able to go to the funeral but you have my deepest symphony. Patty Griffith Buch


The Weidman grand-nieces (Jackie, Carly, Mari, Jen, Kristin, Sam, Alli & Michelle) posted on 7/26/19

Aunt Alice was a generous, funny and fearless woman. She never forgot a birthday, hosted Thanksgivings and family reunions full of laughter, and went white water age 80! We were honored to know and love her.


Joani Ebbert Williams posted on 7/25/19

Aunt Alice was always honest and as my dad might say "calls 'em as she sees 'em." As a kid, that directness sometimes terrified me! She was courageous - the first woman I knew who ran her own business. I remember being amazed by that. My God-Mother was an impressive example of a loving Christian woman with such a gift of hospitality! Aunt Alice created a comfortable gathering space for family on any visit. I will miss being welcomed home by her.


Maureen Carroll Neely posted on 7/23/19

I will miss sharing the earth with her. She was my dad's first cousin, and they grew up together, literally. An astute businesswoman, Alice was well ahead of her time. She owned The Gift Shoppe, uptown, for several years, then moved on to antiques, liquidating many estates and selling their wonderful treasures. Alice didn't mince words. You always knew where you stood with her, and I so loved that. Her laugh was the stuff of legend. I always saw her as very strong and determined. When I visited with her last Wednesday, she told me that she wanted to die. It made me sad, but I knew it would not be long before she got her wish, because, well, because she was Alice! I know one other thing as well. She would KILL me for posting this gooey stuff, but I'm doing it anyway. She is laughing in heaven now.


Rosemary Carroll Link posted on 7/23/19

My thoughts and prayers are with all the Ebberts. Alice was my favorite cousin and we usually talked on phone twice a month. Sorry I cannot attend her funeral. Her passing brings back so many memories of our wonderful childhood on the farm. God Bless all of you.