Condolences for Kevin Bret McKee

Larry Arbogast and Carla Wobschall posted on 6/2/20

It’s hard to put words to the loss that comes with hearing of Kevin’s passing. Kevin had an expansive and welcoming spirit. It was his nature to share the beauty and bounty of his life with friends. Once, he invited us to dinner at his and Monica’s home, a simple but exquisite meal of chicken, rustic bread, and wine. He insisted on sending an extra jar of homemade sauce home with us. Another time, he invited us over just to see his dahlias at the peak of their blooming. They were beautiful. We invited Kevin and Monica to join us at the Grecian Festival in Wheeling one summer, and in return, Kevin introduced us to his favorite bakery and specialty food shop in the city. He also encouraged us to try one of his favorite restaurants along Lake Erie. Kevin loved Monica beyond life. Early on in his illness, Kevin shared with us that he feared for the future, but not for himself. He didn’t want to leave Monica, and he didn’t want to hurt her by leaving. We will miss Kevin’s kindness and gentle way of being.


Michael Wilcox posted on 5/27/20

Kevin was a business associate starting 2004 that became a friend as well. As a client Kevin was instrumental in my career growth for which I will be forever grateful. Kevin always had my best interests in mind and I trusted him completely. He always made everything about me whether it would be best for him or not! The same was true as a hiring manager working with Kevin to surround myself with great talent. I saw Kevin's passion for his client shine thru while at the same time he helped me to make the best decision. I am glad I am at the end of my business career, I cannot imagine moving forward again without him to talk to! Kevin was a kind and thoughtful person that made it easy to connect with him. I had the pleasure to meet Monica along the way which only deepened the relationship with Kevin, what a wonderful couple to know! I will miss Kevin as he was one of the good guys I have met in my life. Take care, Kevin and God Bless you, Monica!


Dale & Patricia Andersen - Delkor Systems posted on 5/26/20

Kevin was respected as a knowledgeable and committed hiring partner of Delkor and he supported our needs over a great number of years. He was a top notch recruiter in the packaging equipment manufacturing industry and known for his integrity and wide circle of contacts. Candidates that were placed at our company had almost always known Kevin for an extended period of time. It was a pleasure to meet up with him at Pack Expo trade shows and on occasion to host Monica and him for dinner on the town. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kevin's family members during this difficult time.


Ken Marunowski posted on 5/23/20

Kevin McKee meant and still means a great many things to me. I grew up on Alexander Rd. in Valley View, a hefty stone’s throw away from Kevin and Monica’s house on Indian Mound. My brother John and I played with Anthony quite regularly, so encounters with Kevin “back in the day” were frequent. Most encounters were quite good. I vividly remember his incredible stereo system on which he constantly played Genesis records. Abacab sticks out clearly in my mind, the opening keyboard gambit blasting away. In fact, upon learning of Kevin’s passing, I cranked up Abacab on my pathetic excuse for a sound system and shed many tears. One particular encounter with Kevin wasn’t exactly the best. John, Anthony and I were hanging in a ravine one sunny afternoon exploring our literary interests in a girly magazine. How Kevin knew we were there or what we were browsing, I’ll never quite figure out, but sure enough, up he rides on his yellow (or was it red?) 3-wheeler and busts us! UGH! A day or two later, Monica told me in my parents’ backyard to “Keep your magazines to yourself.” I believe that was the only time Monica ever scolded me, and I felt terrible because she was and still is one of the gentlest, kindest, most beautiful women I’ve ever known. To disappoint her was a devastating blow. Kevin was cool, and being married to Monica made him even cooler. Theirs was a love like no other, and I am so very thankful to have witnessed their romance as a young boy, an angsty teen, and an adventurous adult. Affection wasn’t so readily visible in my family, so to see these two so very much in love and openly express that love was revelatory. Kevin was a romantic, crafting exquisite meals, drinking delicious wine (Debonne Vineyards, I believe), dressing to the nines, and beautifying the landscape around the house with amazing flower gardens. He taught me another way to be a man in this world through his refined sensitivity. He also taught me to put pepper on my popcorn rather than salt and to drink Bass Ale rather than Busch. He may also have put me to sleep a few times with his countless photos of sunsets that he proudly showed me during my visits. Once I moved to Kent to begin my 13 year escapade as a student, I saw Kevin and Monica less frequently. When I did come home, however, a stop at their house was always in order. I felt different visiting them. I felt understood and respected. While working toward my Ph.D., Kevin began referring to me as The Doctor, which always brought a smile to my face. That was the thing with Kevin, he knew how to make you feel good, and that quality spoke to his tremendous generosity. In fact, if I had to identify Kevin with one particular trait, it would be with Generosity, capital G! As life has it, I unfortunately didn’t see much of Kevin over the past twenty years. He didn’t travel to Cleveland much, and I traveled often and lived elsewhere but rarely found myself in the vicinity of Beallsville. Thankfully, I was able to visit Kevin and Monica on their gorgeous property, once simply known as “The Land,” and with me was my bride-to-be, Carly. We enjoyed a splendid time together, walking the property, chatting away (especially Monica!), and yes, catching the sunset before indulging in what would be a last supper with this fine man. Kevin prepared sesame seasoned Ahi tuna with a pomegranate and fennel salad accompanied, no doubt, with a fine wine. To use one of his favorite phrases, “There you go!” Thank you, Kevin, for all you have shared! Although you will be missed, I’m confident we will meet again. As you also liked to say, “Have a good one” and “Enjoy your day!”


Gary K Lemaster posted on 5/22/20

My best friend in life.You were always there in good times and in bad. I will miss you everyday. You where gone to soon. Gods speed. Your best friend forever.


John Marunowski posted on 5/22/20

Seeing Kevin's photo on the site brought back a flash of memories for me and a smile. As Anthony's close childhood friend, I had the privilege of knowing Kevin in different ways throughout the years. My earliest memories were of coach Kevin who struck me out even during underhand coach pitch :) Then, I got to know lumberjack Kevin, who always seemed to have the classic red and black checkered flannel on while sporting a beard and chopping firewood. Then I got to know the guy who had amazing taste in music, the album Abacab will be forever burned in my brain and usually played at high volume. In later years, I got to know sophisticated Kevin who rocked the sport coat, always looked good, loved his wife like no one's business and always had a great catch phrase to leave you with. Regardless of the years, I will always remember Kevin's warm spirit, down to earth nature and generosity. Rest in peace my friend, you will be missed.


Jessie Marunowski posted on 5/22/20

Your Kevin was an absolute gem when I met him over 20 years ago! He was such a loving person, inside and out, and you got such a welcoming feeling from him any time you were with him. He liked to hear stories, and tell stories, and had such a warm hug...I'll always remember the sparkle in his eyes when he laughed, and how much he truly adored his wife. We hold you and your family in our hearts.



Greg McKee & Jill posted on 5/17/20

My little Brother was such a kind loving Husband Father & Brother. He will surely be missed. We had that kind of brotherly Love and I will miss him so much. Think of him everyday. Love you Bro till we met again. With all my ❤️ I remember Kevin as a kind, calm and caring man. He was “good people”. Much love


Tanita Griffin posted on 5/15/20

I met Kevin and Monika several years back at Abbey’s restaurant, and when I tell you they are the best people I have ever met !!! I loved everything about them Kevin was such a charismatic and loving soul right along with his beautiful wife !!! We had the honor of being invited out to their home , where we was shown the best hospitality!!! It was such a beautiful time with beautiful people !!! I have loved these two people sinceI have met them !!! The love they shared was something for the books !!! Monika I love you and my heart breaks for you during this very sad time ! I will definitely keep Kevin in my memory and heart , because he was definitely one in a million ❤️


Anthony Constantino posted on 5/14/20

Dad I was only 4 years old when you married Mom, yet you raised me like I was your son. You taught me how to be kind and generous. You were a great husband to my Mom. You taught me how to play sports and you came to every game. I'll never forget all the good times we had playing backyard basketball. What an honor it was when you coached my baseball team. I wish we had more time but I cherish all of the good memories.


Jenny rizzo posted on 5/14/20

“Live every day like it’s your last” does not even come close to describing Kevin Mckee. a kind, joyful, happy, genuine, free spirited Loving father and husband he was. As a kid I can remember this home being filled with so much love as he greeted you from his outside rocking chair or bench while enjoying the birds and flowers. Valley view was never the same without you, and the world won’t be either.


Anthony Constantino posted on 5/14/20

I want to thank you Dad for everything you did for me. You married my Mom when I was 4 years old but you raised me like I was your own son. You taught me how to be giving and generous. I'll never forget all the fun we had playing basketball and when you coached my baseball team. I am grateful to have had you in my life.


Daniel & Stacy posted on 5/14/20

Kevin was an incredibly kind and giving person. He always said that he was "living the dream," and he made you feel like you were sharing in that lived experience. Kevin's giving was as open as the view from his backyard. From the gourmet meals he prepared to the bags of mushrooms, fruit, and vegetables he would pack for you when you were leaving, to the beautiful Dahlia's and flower gardens he would painstakingly cultivate-Kevin was always giving of himself. He was a one-of-a-kind person. His friendship is a rare gift. Rest in peace, Kevin. You remain in our hearts.


Patricia Shirilla posted on 5/14/20

I will truly miss you Kevin for your kindness, generosity and love of nature. Standing up at your wedding, fun times in Valley View, taking me to see Chicago, Earth, Wind and Fire and loving my best friend like no one else could. Loved the thrill rides on the 4 wheeler. I never went home empty handed, canned vegetables, fruit and tons of flowers. Thanks for the memories.❤


Ed Genet posted on 5/14/20

We were kids from D-town. Hung out, camped out, shot BB guns, Kevin had a heck of an Sorry to his family for your loss. Kevin was a good man.


Robin niemi posted on 5/13/20

Parents choices moved us away from each other and our fantastic childhood. You insisted on walking home from the park in the big 4th of july storm and flood and my father stopped the car and said kevin get in now. Countless games of mushball when you hit me in the face and it hurt like heck, bike rides, campfires, trick or treating, I wish I would have found you other than this so we could laugh at the great childhood mememories


Thomas Marshall posted on 5/11/20

Kevin was my best friend from an early age of 5 years old. Kevin loved baseball and we played more games of baseball, whiffle ball, mushball than any other thing until we turned into teenagers. We played on our farm and in the creek till dark and get dirty from head to toe. Kevin would play all day in the summer and not get tired. I will miss my friend and love him forever!


Joanne Misenhelder posted on 5/10/20

I am truly sorry to hear of Kevin's passing. I knew you both from Abby's. We had fun and I came to know you both. Kevin was indeed a kind man. I will miss him. Heaven needed him too soon. RIP


Nathan and Tonya posted on 5/10/20

Kevin was truly a good friend. We always enjoyed his company. We have shared many laughs and memories. He will be missed greatly on the ridge.