Condolences for Ila Marie Horger

Gracie Hamilton posted on 10/29/15

I clearly see your mom and dad across the aisle from our family at Grace Church on Sunday mornings. Your mom will be forever remembered as a good friend to our mom.


Tammy posted on 10/13/15

Mrs. Horger was a wonderful lady. She might have been small in stature but she packed a mighty punch. She stood up for what she believed in & would settle for nothing less. In the early 80's when my father lost his job she saw to it that we got at least one hot meal a day by enrolling us in the free lunch program or letting my parents run a tab until we could afford to pay. She would personally take money out of her own pocket so none of "her children" would go hungry. They just don't make 'Em like that anymore. My condolences to the family. May she rest in piece.