Condolences for Eileen Bender

Virginia L Shawl posted on 9/27/16

Bonnie and Family: I rem. your mother from early grade school. I'm so sorry for your loss. What I rem. about your beautiful mother was not only her warm compassion but also her beautiful hair. She was a wonderful person. I'm so sorry for your loss and God Bless you in this special time in your life. You will rem. me from being at McKinley. I was Virginia Coleman. God Bless



Tammy posted on 9/26/16

Eternal love for you Grandma. You are gone from us but your light will never quit shining


Tammy posted on 9/26/16

My Dear Beautiful Grandma, How do I say goodbye to you. I think we did during my last visit with you at Essex. I held you and you slept on me. I whispered and talked to you while you were sleeping. You always told me I was your special one because I ward your first born, and the only one who remembered you. I loved sending cards to you. I shall miss that. We definately had a special bond. My Tom said it was beautiful to see. My greatest gift was you remembering me every time I called and visited. You said you would never forget me and I said I would never forget you. I hope in heaven you know I did everything I could to protect you, good does not always win. I have always been so proud if you, you were amazing. Even at 90 you still worked at keeping your home so beautiful. You are a role model. I have so many memories of you and Grandpa. I will keep them always and chertish them all. I will take care of Mom for you. She loved you so much. Rest in Peace now Grandma. Be with Grandpa And Kenny. No worries anymore. Watch over me Grandma, as I still need my Grandma. I love you always and forever my forever young Grandma