Condolences for Eleanor L. Cooper

Mike & Kelly Wheatley - TX posted on 10/7/17

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. Our deepest condolences.


Patrick & Beth Duafala posted on 10/7/17

Jack and Janice, We extend our sincerest condolences for the loss of your beloved mother/mother-in-law. May God bless and comfort you and your family.



Ron Alford posted on 10/7/17

Remembering my sister Eleanor is rich and rewarding, as far I can recall she never was angry at me and she was a kindred sprit. When I was very young there was a time of difference of ideas you see I was a thumb sucker, and Eleanor was determined to break this habit of mine. She would put all kinds of concoctions on my thumb but to no avail, around the corner I went and in my mouth my thumb would go no mater how hot or nasty the concoction. Another, incident I remember is when the family was in the car and Dad was driving and for whatever the reason Eleanor had a hat pin in her mouth and somehow she ended up swallowing that monstrous pin. From what I remember they took her to the hospital, took x-ray’s until it ended up you know where, it all ended well. Many a night Eleanor and Perry played cards with myself and then, my girlfriend, now my loving wife for 50 years and would always make fudge and sit it outside on the back porch to cool. It was the best fudge I ever ate. Moving along my sister had always extended an open hand and an open home to me and my family especially when we would visit. I also want to point how grateful we are for the effort, love, and work she went to preserving our family history and the family reunions. To make a long story short when I was young and needed a helping hand my sister was always there to clasp mine and I am sure she extended her hand to many many more in loving memory from her brother Ron and extended family may God Bless and keep her in Heaven’s home.


Wayne & Robin Simkins posted on 10/6/17

Our deepest sympathy goes out to all of you in the loss of your wife, mother and grandmother. May God's love bring you peace, comfort and strength in this time of your sorrow.


Sally Cain posted on 10/5/17

Mr. Cooper, Jim, Jeanette, Janice & Jack, and all of her grandchildren -- my deepest sympathy on the loss of your beloved lady.


Sally Cain posted on 10/5/17

Jeanette, Janice & Jack, Jim, and Mr. Cooper - my deepest sympathies to all of you on the loss of your beloved wife, mother, and grandmother.



Jeanette Spencer posted on 10/4/17

My mom was the BEST MOM IN THE WORLD


The Walker's-Bill, Dottie and Ethan posted on 10/4/17

It has been our honor to know “Mrs. Cooper” over the past two decades. “Lawn mower” best described her positive attitude and determination known to us. She happily described pushing hand mowers alongside husband Perry, making bigger swatches with each attempt until they had cleared the land. She welcomed us at celebrations, school and Scout events. The family generations lovingly gathered throughout the year in celebrations that end with Christmas trees for the community. We learned from her through her actions as wife, mother, grandmother, business woman, and friend. Deepest condolences to her siblings, husband Perry, Janice, Jack, Jeanette, James, Carol, grandsons Perry, Brian, Anthony, and remaining grandchildren across three generations- The Walker’s-Bill, Dottie, and Ethan


Bob and Barbara Rupert posted on 10/4/17

Jack and Janice, we pray that you will have peace and comfort as you remember Eleanor and all she meant to you.



Janice Sharp posted on 10/4/17

Love my mom more than words can say. She was more than a mom she was my buddy, we did all kinds of things together shopping, hair dos , family picnics, outings, we even did a trip to Florida once to visit Jeanette and got the van stuck in the sand on Daytona Beach. We always had a good time.


Bill & Ruth Mercer posted on 10/4/17

Jack & Janice - You are in our prayers. God Bless you!


Pat & Lou Sabo & Family posted on 10/4/17

Thoughts & Prayers to the family on your loss.


Sharon Lyons posted on 10/3/17

Deal Eleanor's family! You have my deepest sympathy, and heartfelt condolences over the loss, but Heaven's gain. Eleanor was a dear, sweet, quiet woman of faith and it was my pleasure to serve her here at Christian Assembly. She will be missed. May the Peace & Comfort of Jesus surround you all!