Condolences for Paul Justin Broski

Acarya Monge posted on 10/15/20

Thank you for being a friend in high school. I remember you painting some beautiful works of art. Paul when I was thinking about joining the Navy I talked with you, not missing a beat, you convinced me to go ahead and enlist. It's been more than ten years and I am still in, one of the best decisions I ever made. Fair winds and following seas brother.


Barbara Calmbacher posted on 9/23/20

Paul and Judy. Please accept my sorry for your loss.


Barbara Calmbacher posted on 9/23/20

Paul and Judy, please accept my condolence.So sorry for your loss.


Danielle Clark (Frazier) posted on 9/23/20

So very sorry Paul, Judy, Bryan, and Susie. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. ❤



Loretta posted on 9/23/20

My condolances


Heather Gillespie posted on 9/20/20

My heart goes out to your parents Paul. I'll never forget you! I remember taking you out to my old hometown and showing you around...a year before I had my accident. You made it a point to come and visit me at my new home once I was settled in after spending a year and a half in Dunbar, WV learning to live independently. You also made it a point to try and mend a friendship that was lost between a friend of ours and me...and succeeded! You was and forever will be one of my greatest friends...and I will miss you dearly! Many many loving thoughts and prayers for your mom and dad, family and friends.


Leann Wyzkoski posted on 9/20/20

Paul, Judy, Bryan, and Susan, No words can express the sympathy I feel for all of you. Losing someone so young is heartbreaking. Please know that you have all of us supporting you. May the many lives he has touched help you through this time as well as happy memories. Love you all, Leann



Ashley Mackey posted on 9/19/20

You was such a good guy. Sending prayers to all the family


Alicia Sokolowski (Crall) posted on 9/18/20

I will always remember PJs sense of humor and fun. He had one of the greatest smiles and used it often. He will be missed by many.


Ed and Amy Baughman posted on 9/18/20

Paul and Judy, Ed and I are so sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both.


Barbara Martin posted on 9/17/20

PJ you was like a big brother to me are we had fun times growing up you picking and fighting with me then when we got older we got along better and you wanted to date my friends . I’m going to miss running into you at concerts. Love you PJ Fly High


Christopher Kitchen posted on 9/17/20

Paul and Judy I am so sorry, so very sorry! You are in my and my family’s prayers!


Jessica hall posted on 9/17/20

I have known Paul (P.J.) for years proably 20 years. Have alot of good memories over the years. I never forget the good times we shared. All the long nights at Jeff's just sitting around and hanging out. You awalys had crazy ideals . you brought the life to the party. May you rest easy my friend untill we meet on the other side my friend R.I.P. Paul we never forget you


Summer Hall posted on 9/17/20

What a devastating loss... Thinking back, I can't picture a single time- not one memory of you, Paul- when you weren't smiling and laughing, or going out of your way to make someone else smile and laugh. Sooo many people love you, my friend... To Paul's parents: Please accept my deepest and sincerest condolences for your unthinkable loss. Your boy will never be forgotten- there's no way that would be possible! We all want to have happy memories, and Paul is leaving every person he knew with plenty of them. Brightest and warmest blessings to you all. Until we meet again, my friend...because we WILL meet again, as promised. See you later on.



Amy Renner posted on 9/17/20

Pj I have always loved you like you were my Little Brother. I know we haven’t talked in a little while but we always new if we needed each other all we had to do was reach out to one another.My kids and my husband and I miss you so very much We Love ❤️ U and Miss you Fly High until we see you again


Barbara Smith posted on 9/17/20

I first met PJ when he was about 7 or 8 yrs old when his family moved to McMechen. He was the funniest little guy. Rest in peace PJ. To you Paul, judy and Bryan i am so sorry for you incredible loss.


Amanda Rethage posted on 9/17/20

To my dearest and closest cousin Paul, You were always the light of everyone's life; kept everyone smiling and laughing because you were always so funny and full of good vibes! Even in my bad moments, or days, you ALWAYS managed to put a smile back on my face and make my day better. It's still very much hard for me to grieve and cope, so I'm just going to keep this short, yet meaningful. Please always know that I loved you so much and I cared about you like I do my own kids. My oldest, Ethan, is very hurt by your passing and will always miss you. You made a very big impact to Ethan's life and you always had him laughing and being goofy when you came to visit. He wanted me to tell you that he will always love you and miss you. You were taken way too soon; it'll take me a long time to get passed this. May you rest in peace with the Lord above and always know that everyone will always love you, will always miss you and will always have treasured memories to remember you by. Gone, but never forgotten!


Brandon Brady posted on 9/17/20

Hey buddy buddy. I don't usually do this type of stuff. You where my brother from another mother. You went to a better place on my birthday. You'll never be forgotten. You taught me alot while we where workin in the coal mines. We lived together for a little bit. We had each others backs. Paid bills, bought cars, took trips. If we came up with it we made it happen. I love you bro. We'll meet again.


Cheryl J Skinner Tri-State Military Museum posted on 9/17/20

May the love of God surround you and your family during this difficult time, May you come to know that the love of God is with you always, May your memories of Paul Justin Broski, give you peace, comfort and strength… Rest now in the arms of our Lord your mission on earth is complete. I thank you for your service to our Country and my Freedom. You will not be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers to the family of …. US Navy Veteran, Paul Justin Broski, is “A True American Hero” God Bless† † Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13 †


Lander Nettles posted on 9/16/20

I still cannot believe you are gone.. You were such a huge part of our life. I wish I would have gotten home sooner. I wish we could have told you how much you meant to us. I will never forget you and Tom going to get Pepper for me when I was away. You came and saw me almost every weekend while I was in the center. You were the best shoulder I ever cried on, and some of the best laughs. In the Navy you found my number and you called me or wrote to me weekly. I will never forget the words you wrote. Driving to work together for telemarketing daily for almost a year.. The laughs we had then too. You always made the job seem so much better. All the nights you sat at the foot of my bed as teenagers, until the nights recently I fell asleep sitting beside you in the living room.. I'll never forget the time we went to a show together and got lost for almost an hour. You thought it was an adventure, and I thought it was hell. Your every day visits over the last year. I could see you.. You never asked us for anything and when we asked, you always pretended to be so tough. Paul, I love and miss you so much brother. I promise to celebrate your life and to never ever forget you!! See you again my oldest, dearest friend.