Condolences for Jenny Swanson aka Geneva G. Venrick

Kandi posted on 3/18/21

I'm grateful we had a chance to talk and share memories of Bob White. Enjoy your homecoming.


Amanda posted on 3/17/21

I will miss her so much..


Mary Lisa Makris posted on 3/17/21

I only knew Jenny for a short time she was my neighbor and I would see her from time to time it was only around Christmas of 2020 when I went to drop off a Christmas gift for her that I really got to meet her she had just got out of the hospital and from then on we became really good friends she was sweet kind and very funny she had great faith and we enjoyed talking about music and sharing stories together it was an honor to know her and I loved it when she laughed I miss going over and visiting her as I did every day my regret is that I didn’t get to know her before I will miss her and never forget her her family is in my prayers daily


Kathy Sue posted on 3/16/21

She will be missed. She was such a sweet, kind, and beautiful lady.


Michelle S Tamborello posted on 3/15/21

I remember my mom singing to my brother Danny and I when we were kids, and she loved to sing for us. She had such a great, and beautiful voice. I love you very much mommy and will miss you very much.